Bill W

Shadows silence deafens, faces I recall , people I miss The fondness of memories linger, after all they are ours .We were kids - I recall the joy of just being that . We loved music and Bill would dance like a Shindig dancer. We always made race car sounds when we rode our bikes, I laugh because we never rode our bikes -we always raced.

Playing poker at the farm with M & M's, always trying to eat the chips when no one was looking. I guess we both never knew how to slow down, life was always way too slow. The faster we went the better it felt. Funny, we were always free -we just never knew it .

Today I know it, and wish he were here to let him know, sadly sometimes love ain't enough. Today I smile when I remember. My friend, rest in peace - you can finally slow down.

Your friend…your brother…


February 2008

I like to think that Bill and I were the best of friends. But Bill had a lot of friends because he was loved by all that had the good fortune to know him.

He was smart, loved everything mechanical and had a passion to go fast in every way. You couldn't find a better friend.

He will always be missed.

DH - January 2008

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