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Hey Boys,

I was thinking about our trip to Tampa.

I thought how great it is to have friends, some from more than five decades ago with whom I look forward to creating new memories for the future.

Whenever I mention this reunion to friends in Connecticut, they are always surprised that I am still in contact with people from my past and then shocked to learn, and more than that, that we are all still great friends and have been in contact with one another over the years.

Are we just lucky?

I don't think so.

And then I thought it had to be something about the way we were raised as children.

We just recognize value in our friendships and through the years, made an effort to keep those people that we cared for, in our lives.

Our friends are important, something to keep and cherish rather than to be replaced.

But still--how did we figure that out?

And then I thought of our parents---all of them---Pauline and Sol, Walter and Eleanor, Royce and Ferdie, Ann and The Colonel, Peter and Ilda, Fay and Dave.

Most of them are no longer with us, but I think their wisdom and love lives on in each of us and in no small part creates the bonds between us.

Are we not the fortunate sons? You bet.

Love to my brothers.

- David


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