Glen A

I was really fortunate to be close friends with Glenn. I knew Glenn for a long time, but about three years before he passed we became very close.

In my teens, I was the typical self-conscious young boy. I thought I knew most everything. One thing I knew was that I was not cool. At least I wasn't cool like Glenn. Glenn was one of those people that was comfortable with their station in life. He was comfortable everywhere and with most everyone. I was only comfortable a few brief moments with close friends. I faked it a lot with a smile.

I replaced Glenn in the band as a drummer, which made a bit of tension between us for a long time. Probably more I than him, but it was there. It was one of those situations not handled well as kids do. There was never any closure on the topic. I was quite relieved when we found we enjoyed each other's company. We did a lot of growing together as you do when you are 16 and 17 and full of fire in the belly. Glenn and I had a lot of fire in the belly.

Glenn was a bit of a card, but he was for real. I remember the hypnotizing stunt he did at his house with us guys. Greg put ice on his belly and told him it was something hot. His skin turned red from it and I thought it was going to blister. His funniest stunt was the erection bit where he would start by lying on the ground limp then rub is head. It made us all laugh so hard. Glenn could make anyone laugh and we had contests to prove it.

Glenn's death was the first I was to experience in my life. I just didn't know what to think or do. Not having a close knit family made things even worse because there was no one I could seek advice from nor was mature enough so seek it out. It was difficult for me for a long time.

My dad recognized that I was having issues and swept me off to Bermuda to help with the family restaurant (pizza place). That was enough of a distraction to get me through it all.

The way it happened was…Glenn was following me in Greg's car one rainy and slippery night. Glenn was behind me in the orange AMX and me in the dark blue Grand Prix. We were headed to Sands Point. Being a young jerk I passed the car ahead of me and then Glenn did the same. I remember seeing my rear view mirror the AMX's headlights veer to the right which just didn't make any sense. My stomach clenched as I turned my car around. Pine trees were broken, bushes smashed and a strong earthy smell was in the air that stayed with me for many years. Greg was hurt and scared and in the passenger seat. Glenn's case was much worse. I remember yelling at the women standing by the road to call for an ambulance. Later the next day at St. Francis hospital, my worst fears became true and my best friend was gone. I cried with Connie at the funeral home and it felt good, but there was no resolve. Thank God, I went to Bermuda. It was a tough time and I missed Glenn for the longest time. I still have his jewelry box on my dresser this very day. I don't remember how I got it, but it still sits there in my bedroom today… I believe one day we will be together again laughing that way we did… A soul like that just does not end. I know his is somewhere smiling now.

Paul H.


I struggle to put my thoughts on paper because I lost someone I wasn't supposed to lose - at least not at 20 .The event for me sometimes overshadows the life. Glen was funny , he had a laugh that would make you laugh . A wonderful sense of humor and would do anything for a laugh. A good friend who cared, loved music, sports, played the drums and introduced me to some old time drummers. Most of all he loved life. We enjoyed cooking at a young age. We always seemed to wind up at his house on Friday nite... many nites we were the Beatles in "A Hard Days Night ". We spent hours TRYING to harmonize on "If I Fell " by the BEATLES recording it and laughing for hours. Glen had my first and only surprise B-day party at his house ( I was late ).

I miss him and my sadness is only healed with time. Today as always a part of me is missing ( my friend ) I miss you.



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