Marita Steve Nieice Picture

There was a time not to long ago that I was lying on my back not knowing if I would see tomorrow. I had a lot of time to think, then and when I woke up 5 hours later with some of my body parts rearranged, I had even more time to think. Those hours were filled not with thoughts about material things like homes, cars, boats, bank accounts etc. Those hours were filled with thoughts about how I had treated my friends and family and my relationship with them. I do not know what caused me to review that, but I did and I still remember as if it was yesterday. I learned from that experience that when there is nothing left, people are all that matters and more so, the common bond that connects us all is love.

Why dose a man reach out over a cliff to save someone he does not know and risking his own life?

Space is the illusion we are separate.




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