Well, Bros, believe it or not my sister just turned 64, 1-09-08 it's hard for me to comprehend
so I tried to put into words and share with you.

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Birthday Party

I find it hard to believe, here we sit talking - not much has appeared to have changed…maybe a few more wrinkles, a few more pounds, or less hair where there should be more, and more where there shouldn't be. We are back, but numbers and years don't lie. Another birthday...another celebration. I laugh - you always liked birthday cake, hell who doesn't? ...Especially when it's theirs. It seems those always taste best, maybe because we get to keep what's left, so there's more of it. Fondly, we get to think back on yesteryear and realize now we are older then we remember our folks being. But that really doesn't matter. We put on our party clothes and laugh like we always do - after all it's your birthday so what if there are no longer balloons?


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The boys sing loud harmonizing, but still off key… Long past the reality of not being boys

It never really matters they will always be just that. Time takes its toll in most ways, but the truth can never be taken away we are one, family; we sing separately but always laugh together. No matter where we are. Some refuse, some are gone. But no one ever leaves, parts of a whole, standing apart but never alone.

When the time comes and we take our leave, we will always sing together.

Happy, healthy New Year - I love you all my brothers.

- Peace
- Steve

Pages turn till theres no one left to turn them . Frequent rememberance of days gone by ,almost 50 years on .The book keeps getting written , so pages keep getting turned.....


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